Sacchi Tartufi

Sacchi Tartfui were selected for there expertise and commitment to quantity. Offering a highly adaptable range of products for both the industrial and catering operations.

Sacchi Tartufi is situated in Fano, place of old traditional gastronomic dishes, near the renowned area of Acqualagna that has always been the Capital of Truffles. It is in this theatrical scene of fantastic delicacies, that Sacchi stands proud, bringing these precious gems to your table, uniting old traditional culinary to the desire to satisfy every demand of fresh and preserved truffles.

The 35 years of experience and know-how of hand selecting truffles as well as producing high quality speciality products, has gained Sacchi Tartufi a place amongst the top truffle companies in Italy. Our products are bought through certified suppliers and that is part of our key selling points, offering end products of high standards. Delight yourself – Enjoy.

What’s offered

  • High quality direct from Italy.

  • Foil sealed bags (for industrial use)

  • Wide range of options for caters and retailers

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