Cured Meat Solutions

JKM FOODS LtdAnd there partners in Europe in 2021 took great delight in bringing there range of cultures & surface coating to the UK’s highly creative cured food market. With us focused primarily on cured meat we have a wide range of products available to help create the a wide range of international flavours and styles to aid in pushing the boundaries of creativity.

As of 2023:

We are now able to offer solutions for listeria control for cured meats and other markets I.E smoked salmon


  • wide range available

  • fast acidification

  • improved colour & Slice ability

  • control of the bio flora

  • easy storage -18c

Surface Coatings 

  • various strains

  • additional flavour profiles

  • additional control of the bio flora

  • easy storage -18c


  • foil sealed bags

  • various formats

  • long shelf life

  • ambient storage

  • use between 1 to 2% for best results

Mould Control 

  • natamycin

  • Lisopro

  • Ozone generators

Deli wrap 

  • Our standard size 230mm x 230mm white

  • Other sizes available

  • Custom printing available

  • 100% recyclable

with the marketplace ever expanding JKM FOODS are proud to support the producers in the UK & Ireland if you would like more information please click the link below

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