Ante B.V Equipment

Partnering with Ante B.V has allowed us to offer a wide range of solutions, Firstly for those small & medium businesses looking to expand, taking advantage of high quality equipment at a great cost. Secondly those with larger production needs, Looking to create cost effective pilot plants.

Bellow you will find a compressive list of our current offering.


Product Size
Side by side cooling tank 500 ltr
Side by side cooling tank 1000 ltr
Side by side cooling tank 1500 ltr
Side by side cooling tank 2000 ltr
Side by side cooling tank 3000 ltr
Side by side cooling tank 5000 ltr
Side by side cooling tank 10,000 ltr
vertical stacked cooling tank 300 ltr
Vertical stacked cooling tank 500 ltr

Milk Intake

Product Size
Milk Intake tank N/A
Milk Intake unit N/A
Milk Pump 5000 ltr/h
Milk Pump 10,000 ltr /h
Isolated Storage Tank 500 ltr
Isolated Storage Tank 1000 ltr
Isolated Storage Tank 2000 ltr
Isolated Storage Tank 3000 ltr
Isolated Storage Tank 5000 ltr
Isolated Storage Tank 10,000 ltr
Milk Can Washer N/A

Batch pasteurization, Yogurt & cheese processing

Product Size
Batch pasteurizer/Yogurt processor 500 ltr
Batch pasteurizer/Yogurt processor 1000 ltr
Batch pasteurizer/Yogurt processor/Cheese vat 500 ltr
Batch pasteurizer/Yogurt processor/Cheese vat 1000 ltr
Batch pasteurizer/Yogurt processor/Cheese vat 1500 ltr
Batch pasteurizer/Yogurt processor/Cheese vat 2500 ltr
Cheese Vat – closed 3000 ltr
Cheese Vat – closed 5000 ltr
Buffer Processing tank – set yogurt 500 ltr
Buffer Processing tank – set yogurt 1000 ltr
Buffer Processing tank – set & stirred yogurt 1000 ltr
Cheese Press One head
Cheese Press Three Heads
Cheese Press Five Heads
Draining Table 500 ltr
Draining Table 1000 ltr

Homogenizers & Separators

Product Size
Homogenizer 500 ltr/h
Homogenizer 1000 ltr/h
Homogenizer 1500 ltr/h
Homogenizer 2000 ltr/h
Homogenizer 3000 ltr/h
Homogenizer 5000 ltr/h
Separator 500 ltr/h
Separator 1000 ltr/h
Separator 2000 ltr/h
Separator 3000 ltr/h
Separator 5000 ltr/h
Separator 350 ltr/h
Separator 10,000 ltr/h

HTST Pasteurizer

Product Size
HTST Pasteurizer 500 ltr/h
HTST Pasteurizer 1000 ltr/h
HTST Pasteurizer 1500 ltr/h
HTST Pasteurizer 2000 ltr/h
HTST Pasteurizer 3000 ltr/h
HTST Pasteurizer 5000 ltr/h
HTST Pasteurizer 10,000 ltr/h
Flowmeter N/A

Filling Machines.

Product Volume
Manual cup filling & sealing up to 700 cups/hour
Manual bottle filling, pump & table 4 filling points
Cup filling Machine 1500 cups/hour
Cup filling Machine 3000 cups/hour
Cup filling Machine 6000 cups/hour
Carousel bottle filling & capping 2000 bottles/hour
Bottle filling & capping machine 1000 bottles/hour
Bottle rinsing, filling & capping line 2000 bottles/hour
Pouch filling machine 1500 pouches/hour
Pouch filling machine 6000 pouches/hour
Pouch filling machine 10,000 pouches/hour
Piston filling dop for ghee & handheld capping machine n/a

Butter Processing

Product Volume
Butter Churn 200 ltr
Butter Churn 300 ltr
Butter Churn 400 ltr
Butter Churn 600 ltr
Butter Churn 800 ltr
Butter Churn 1000 ltr
Butter Moulding Machine N/A
Butter Moulding Machine – shapes N/A
Butter Packing Machine N/A

Road Tanks (tanks only)

Product Volume
Insulated Tank 2500 ltr
Insulated Tank 5000 2 x 2500 ltr
Insulated Tank 7500 3 x 2500 ltr
Insulated Tank 10,000 4 x 2500 ltr

Air, Power, Steam supplies + Chillers

Product Volume
Air compressor + Dryer 1000 ltr/min
Air compressor + Dryer 2000 ltr/min
Air compressor + Dryer 3500 ltr/min
Air compressor + Dryer 5000 ltr/min
Air cooled chiller 40 kw
Air cooled chiller 80 kw
Air cooled chiller 150 kw
Air cooled chiller 250 kw
Electric Boiler 4 x 10kw with pump
Steam Boiler – Diesel 200 kg/h
Steam Boiler – Diesel 400 kg/h
Steam Boiler – Diesel 600 kg/h
Steam Boiler – Diesel 1000 kg/h
Steam Boiler – Diesel 1500 kg/h
Diesel Generator 50 KVa
Diesel Generator 125 KVa
Diesel Generator 250 KVa
Diesel Generator 400 KVa
PHE between steam boiler & HTST pasteurizer N/A

Cold Rooms & Incubation Rooms

Product Dimensions
Incubation Room Heating Fan N/A
Incubation Room
Cold Room 1.2 x 2 x 2m
Cold Room 4.8 x 3.7 x 2.4m
Cold Room 6 x 4.8 x 3m
Cold Room 10 x 6 x 3m
Freezing Room 12 x 3 x 3m

Package Dairies.

Product Volume
Hard Cheese & Mozzarella factory 15,000 – 20,000 ltr/day
Mini Dairy option 1 500 ltr/batch
Mini Dairy option 2 500 ltr/batch
Mini Dairy option 3 500 ltr/batch
Mini Dairy option 4 1000 ltr/batch
Mini Dairy option 5 500 ltr/batch
Milk & Yogurt 500 ltr/hour
Milk & Yogurt 1000 ltr/hour
Milk & Yogurt – complete 1000 ltr/hour
Milk & Yogurt – complete 2000 ltr/hour
Milk & Yogurt – complete 3000 ltr/hour
Processing milk powder to milk/yogurt 5000 ltr batch
Cheese Factory 5000 –  6000 ltr/day
Mini Cheese Factory 250 – 1500 ltr/day
Mini Cheese Factory 500 – 3000ltr/day
Batch Pasteurizer/Yogurt processor + 4 point bottle filling machine 500 ltr / 800 to 1200 bottles/hour

Ice Cream Production

Product Volume
Mini Ice Cream 500 ltr/batch
Ice Cream Factory 1 500 ltr/batch
Ice Cream Factory 2 500 ltr/batch
Ice Cream Mix Prep Plant 500 ltr/batch

As with everything we do at JKM Foods Ltd, we aim to put you the producer first, and purchasing equipment can be quite the task. Drop us a message to discuss your induvial needs, allow us to take some of the pressure out of this task.

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