Animal Rennet:

Animal rennet working with our partners we have a wide selection of available styles. Benefits of using these styles is a greater development & depth of flavors in your cheese. Popular with more traditional cheesemakers. This is the classic way to coagulate milk, easy to use with consistent results & GMO free.

Lipase Format IMCU
Goat Paste 185
Lamb Paste 185


International Milk Clotting Unit (IMCU) In very short order and avoiding all the math is how much milk 1g/ml will coagulate. For example 1g/ml of 200 IMCU rennet will coagulate 2 litre’s of cows milk.

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As with everything we do at JKM Foods Ltd, we aim to put you the producer first, because of this we know there’s never just one solution that’s going to fit everyone’s production method and style. New to cheesemaking or using these styles? Fear not because if you have any questions drop us a message and we are more then happy to answer any questions you might have.

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