Animal lipase is a easy way to add a greater depth and complexity of flavor to your dairy products. All of this is possible with out the need to change your current rennet. We have various style available, each with there own unique flavor profiles. If your not seeing a specific variation listed below drop a message to see if we have the style your looking for.

All our lipase offered are GMO free, please note not suitable for “Vegetarian Product labels”

Lipase Format
Goat Powder
Lamb Powder

Got questions regarding animal lipase.

As with everything we do at JKM Foods Ltd, we aim to put you the producer first, because of this we know there’s never just one solution that’s going to fit everyone’s production method and style. New to cheesemaking or using these styles? Fear not because if you have any questions drop us a message and we are more then happy to answer any questions you might have.

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For smaller amounts.

For smaller volumes and/or one off purchases sadly our sister site Cheese-Yogurt-Making. Currently doesn’t offer animal lipase in smaller volumes, we do how ever have animal rennet available.   Cheese-Yogurt-Making specializes in domestic and small scale commercial sales all dispatched with free UK delivery.