JKM foods offer. 

JKM Foods offers a wide range of products & technical services for the dairy & meat industries, listed below is are current offering we are always sourcing new suppliers new and interesting products to further advance our clients offerings. Keep an eye on our new products page for details on what’s coming.

We fully understand that there is no one size fits all solution to our clients needs and therefore we are more then happy to schedule meetings virtual, in person or a telephone call.

  • Animal 
  • microbial
  • chymosin
  • Hard cheese
  • Soft cheese
  • Yogurt 
  • Probiotic 
  • Protective (new)
  • Meat
  • Penicillium candidum / Roqueforti
  • Lactase
  • lipase
  • Natamycin 
  • Nisin
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  • Proplast- clear
  • Proplast- black
  • Proplast- red 
  • Proplast- yellow 
  • Rapid antibiotic testing
  • Milk adulteration test
  • Foil sealed packs (1kg)
  • Multiple formats available 
  • With / Without aroma 
new products