Equipment sales have become an important part of our offering with that JKM Foods have partnered with multiple manufactures across Europe. Thus allowing us to offer a wide range of solutions from farm to packing, at various sizes from homestead & catering to full custom builds.

Milky Day

Firstly we have Milky day,  offering small holders and catering alike a great range of equipment. From cream separators, butter churns, pasteurizers, ice cream makers & cheese press’s. Along with  various filling & cup sealing machines. All of theses are available direct from our partners at milky day, and by entering the code JKMFOODS you also get a 7% discount on all purchases.

Ante B.V

Secondly there is Ante B.V, offering small to medium Farm & Dairy processors a range of cost effective solutions, these range from milk storage all the way through to manufacturing & packaging. all of the equipment is manufactured in Europe and shipped direct to you.


Finally we have Tecnical,  offering our larger clients various options to customize there dairy machinery. Increase efficiency & work flow with a  custom built installation, this is backed up with unrivaled customer support. Our partners at tecnical through there many years of experience keep you the cheese maker in control, all the while offering modern effective solutions to the needs of the dairy industry.

If you have any questions about how our partnership with Tecnical can help your business. Please drop us a message via link and we shall arrange a call back to discuss your individual needs.