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    New Products

    Rapid Antibiotic Test Kit
    • Results in 5 minutes.
    • Requires no incubator.
    • Works at room temperature.
    • Easy to use.

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    Dairy Experts

    Our Dairy Experts have worked in all areas of the Dairy Industry, and are available to give advice on Ingredients, and the Manufacturing of Dairy Products. We can also assist with NPD projects, in both sourcing of ingredients and production.

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    J.K.M. Foods

    We are committed to bringing the Dairy Industry the most up technically advanced ingredients, and works closely with R&D facilities thought out Europe to offer the most advanced and ingredients and solutions to our customers.

J.K.M. Foods is focused on the Dairy Industry.

The objective of the J.K.M. Foods is to provide an excellent technical service that satisfies the needs of our customers with ground breaking solutions and quality that helps them improve their competitive position in the market.

For this we have many years of experience in the supply and application of ingredients, and work closely with manufacturers and R&D facilities to give the best solutions. In accordance with our commitment to quality and development, J.K.M. Foods use advanced technology to meet the needs of our customers and help optimise their production processes.

Our unbeatable technical service, provided through highly qualified personnel, and utilizing international support, to provide a customized service offering solutions on a day to day basis.