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JKM foods ltd: Has two fields of expertise Dairy & Meat solutions focusing predominately on cultures and there use.

With that being said we don’t limit ourselves to just one bow string so to speak check out our respective pages to find out in what ways we might be able to help you.

Dairy Solutions

JKM FOOD Ltd: Has over 40 years of experience within the dairy industry, placing us in a unique situation to offer advice and solutions to this high creative sector no matter your size. We offer a wide range of products from cultures and surface ripening through mould control & wraps (both generic and custom). More details about our product range can be found on our dairy solutions page.

Dairy Solutions

Cured food Solutions

JKM FOODS Ltd: In 2022 we took the move to add a new arm. Working with our partners on the continent we bring a wide selection of cultures & surface coatings to the UK market along side antifungals, listeria control & deli wraps (both generic & custom).

check out all available products and services from us by the link below.

Cured food solutions

Product Focus:

Deli wrap:

JKM FOODS Ltd, Has listened to our clients and sourced a highly adaptable product from our Partners in Italy, 100% recyclable (plastic) based on the design of egg shell allowing the product to expel co2 this deli wrap has seen increases in product quality and extensions in product shelf life.* We currently stock a range of paper sizes with low MOQ, Custom orders are available with your designs. If you have any questions regarding this product please click the link below and use the subject “Deli Wrap”

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  • Only 40% polyethylene!

  • 100% recyclable 

  • Resistant to liquids & permeable to gases

  • Available in Bag, Sheets & Rolls

  • Our standard size is 230mm x 230mm in white

  • Custom sizing and printing options available up to 4 colours

  • Ovtene, works well with

    • Fresh Meats
    • Fresh Fish
    • Sliced Meats & Cheeses
    • Produce
    • Bakery

Find us at:

  • The IFE – March 20th – 21st

  • The Royal Bath & West Show – June 1st

  • ICDA Judging – June 29th

  • The Artisan Cheese Awards – Date TBC

  • The Dairy Show – October 4th

  • FI Europe – November 28th- 30th


Is always available to have a chat about how we can help and if you would like to have a chat when at any show we are at be it at your stand or over a cup of coffee drop us a email and we shall schedule a time that suits you.

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