Dairy Solutions:

JKM FOODS Ltd: With a grounding in the complex world of cultures, We have expanded our vision to meet the needs of the modern day dairy industry. Offering tailor made solutions and excellent customer service for our clients no matter your size.

From  direct vat cultures and rennet’s to moulds and stainless steal equipment we are able to offer a level of technical expertise and access rarely seen with in the UK market. below you will find a overview of what JKM FOODS Ltd can offer.


  • Animal

  • Microbial

  • Chymosin

Rapid Testing 

  • antibiotic

  • milk adulteration


  • natamycin

  • lipase

Phage Control 

  • ozone


  • cheese cultures (various styles)

  • yogurt cultures (various styles)

  • bio protective

  • probiotic

  • non-dairy yogurt drink


  • Proplast- water based coating (various colours)

  • wax coating for cheese (various colours)

  • white moulds (various strains)

  • blue moulds (various strains)

  • custom mould solutions


  • pasteurisers

  • cheese / yogurt vats

  • filling solutions

  • butter churns

  • custom builds

  • full dairy build solutions

Plastic moulds 

  • induvial plastic moulds

  • multi form

  • custom moulding solutions


  • Various formats

  • foil sealed packs

  • long shelf life

Deli wrap

  • Standard sheet size 230mm x 230mm

  • 100% recyclable

  • Custom sizing available

  • Custom printing up to four colours available

  • email us for more details

JKM FOODS Ltd, With our long history with in the UK & Global dairy industries we are well positioned to aid anyone no matter there size be they those who are just starting out to established national producers, we offer the same level of service from R&D to product launch from ready to use dairy equipment to custom build solutions.

For more information on how we can aid you please drop us a message bellow.

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