Dairy Solutions:

Our desire to push the dairy industry forward with tailored solutions, excellent customer & technical services for our client’s, helping them meet their needs in this highly complex and ever evolving landscape.

JKM FOODS is more than just cultures and rennet we have the ability and contacts to aid you in every aspect of dairy production.


  • Animal

  • Microbial

  • Chymosin

Rapid Testing 

  • antibiotic

  • milk adulteration


  • natamycin

  • lipase

Phage Control 

  • ozone


  • cheese cultures (various styles)

  • yogurt cultures (various styles)

  • bio protective

  • probiotic

  • non-dairy yogurt drink


  • Proplast- water based coating (various colours)

  • wax coating for cheese (various colours)

  • white moulds (various strains)

  • blue moulds (various strains)

  • custom mould solutions


  • pasteurisers

  • cheese / yogurt vats

  • filling solutions

  • butter churns

  • custom builds

  • full dairy build solutions

Plastic moulds 

  • induvial plastic moulds

  • multi form

  • custom moulding solutions


  • Various formats

  • foil sealed packs

  • long shelf life

JKM FOODS, is well positioned with in the dairy industry to aid producers of every size. from product development to kit out we have solutions to fit all budgets for more information please click the link below

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